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Quick Way to Lose Credibility; Withhold Information from Team Members

Authentic relationships, based on transparency and trust, are a key characteristic of New World Leadership. From my research and experience, it’s clear that employees want real relationships based on real information. Gone are the days of “need to know only”. Today, employees are demanding transparency and full disclosure from their business and corporate leaders.

Is this unrealistic? I don’t think so. When has withholding information ever benefited an individual, organization, department or division? In the end, the information always comes out and, in most cases, when it does, people feel betrayed.

During my work as a consultant, my clients often say: “Don’t spin it. Just tell me the truth. I can take it.” This desire for genuine interaction and real communication defines authentic relationships. But in the workplace they can be built only if we are willing to be honest with our employees.

Today’s employees are savvy, knowledgeable and capable of handling the truth. They have no delusion about their role within organizations. They know their job is to help the business be successful. All they ask in return is clear, accurate information about their work and their organization. So, why are we reluctant to be transparent with our most valuable resource? I think it may be fear that holds us back from being honest. Leaders need to examine their fears, be freer with information, and become as transparent about the organization as possible.

If you have the courage to be authentic with your employees, you will build real relationships with them, and you will be astounded at the rewards that come your way.