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What is success?

Every organization must have a compelling purpose at its core, and it must be felt deeply by its leaders.  Success has been defined by many people as the realization of a worthy goal, and at the heart of an organization’s compelling purpose must lie a worthy goal.

Does your organization have a worthy goal?  If it doesn’t, it is time to get one! A goal that will attract the right people to your organization. Once the goal is defined, you need to spread the word and make sure that everyone in the organization understands it.  Consider the impact your team can have if they are all  focused on and disciplined about reaching a common compelling purpose.

When we recruit employees to that compelling purpose, align all decisions and actions towards the compelling purpose – that’s when we build credibility and create a team focus that is unstoppable. This force of focused energy is felt in the deepest corners of the organization, and it guides everything we do.

There are many examples of an organizational compelling purpose but one of my favorites is Patagonia, an internationally successful company that has a compelling purpose at its very core. Check out their website or purchase a copy of the founder’s book, Let My People Go Surfing. You will love the fresh perspective and will quickly be able to define Patagonia’s compelling purpose that has brought the company enormous success.