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What Jazzes YOU ?

What jazzes you? Makes you feel amazing inside? When do you feel most happy? Most productive? Like you’re really contributing and making a difference to yourself or someone else?

These are questions that we don’t often take the time to consider. Not in our personal life and definitely not in our work life. Think about it: Has anyone ever asked you if you are doing what jazzes you at work?

My experience has proven to me that team members who are highly engaged are those people who are doing what jazzes them most of the time. Some call it their passion. Others call it Dharma, but whatever we call it; I firmly believe that everyone should be doing what they love at work. 

And it’s totally possible to create a work environment where this exists. All we have to do is ask our team members what they love to do, identify their strengths and passion, and then find the fit for those pieces of the puzzle within our organization. Better yet, let them create the fit. Let your team members shape the organization so that it takes full advantage of their skills and passion, energy and commitment.

This is how we will create life-long jobs again – jobs that people begin at a young age, pursue as they gain wisdom and continue to enjoy as they approach retirement. This isn’t hard. It’s sensible. For the individuals. And for our organization.