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Building Your ONE Thing !

Many organizations understand the need to have a compelling purpose – that ‘one thing’ that drives everything and all actions. But not very many organizations know how to determine what that compelling purpose is. Unlike Patagonia or Change Innovators, which developed out of their compelling purpose, some organizations must figure this out well into their life span.

Pull together a group of dedicated and interested team members (anyone who wants to come) and ask them: What does excellence look like for us? Who are we? What do we do differently than everyone else? What makes us unique?

Nurture these discussions and take lots of notes: Get all of the ideas on paper.  Work in groups, work individually and work as an entire organization.  If you just ask for their input, your team members will amaze you with their talent, their passion and their commitment.

Once you have defined your compelling purpose, you can put your energy into building a path towards it.  Figure out what sets you apart. Then build your CP or 1T around it.