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Nothing Worse then Losing Great Talent

The New World Employee needs to be involved and engaged, and their engagement must be driven by themfor them.

Here is what I mean: When a team member loses interest in their work and we don’t notice, it can hurt everyone. The company is impacted by the loss of productivity, the employee is impacted by their lack of engagement and other team members start to notice and can be affected by it. It is really tough on everyone. No matter how much we like our co-workers or how much they like the company, if we can’t assist them in finding great interesting work that truly jazzes them, it is time to move along.

Work must be meaningful, provide daily opportunities for innovation, creativity and a self-directed and self-managed approach. If you are a leader in this new world, you must be on the look out for bored and under challenged team members. If you aren’t, you risk losing them.

When an employee moves on to find new challenges, it is not always a bad thing. It merely means that we need to be more aware of the interest level in our teams. How engaged are your team members? Which of them are fully engaged? Which of them are at risk of leaving?