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The “one thing”

What lies at the heart of your company? What is the one central thing that drives all else in your business? What is your company’s “one thing” that is expressed in a million different ways in your organization?


Speaker and author Ian Percy talks about the importance of knowing your “one thing”, of knowing who you are as a business, of knowing what you stand for, of understanding what truly compels you in your work.


Think about it. Organizations are no different than individuals in the need to clear and focused in their goals. Organizations are living systems that need purpose and direction, and they also need a soul and a moral compass.


Think about well-known companies, like Patagonia, for example.  If we were to guess what that one thing is for Patagonia, we could guess that it is environmental stewardship. Everything that company does arises from and leads back to that commitment, that core purpose.


Now think about your business. What is your “one thing”? What do you and your employees live by, every day, regardless of whether times are good or bad.