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Compelling purpose is to find our purpose

Earlier this week I asked the question: Do all human beings at work need the same thing?  I am not sure I have any answers but I do believe that to some degree we all need similar things; like a sense of contributing, belonging and independence.  I think our purpose is to find our purpose.  The younger generation seems to have the courage to be vocal and to state that they intend to keep balance; to keep perspective of their work live.  This is fabulous; the baby boomers could take a good lesson from their younger counterparts. Did the baby boomers lose their sense of human needs because our long standing mechanistic organizations said we should or did they lose it because it just wasn’t important.  More and more people of all ages are saying, “They want a better work life”.  We have an obligation to provide this to them.  Let’s not lower our expectations and standards just to fit in but lets listen to the younger generation they may be onto something.