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On to something completely different

A significant shift in the air is in the air.  If you read or listen to many spiritual leaders, business leaders, and those who continually seek to understand, you will have noticed what I have: There is a common theme. We are in the midst of a significant shift.  Humanity is fundamentally changing.  Our needs, desires, focus and intentions are changing overall.

Why do I say this?  In my Mastermind group I posed this question, shared some of my recent learning and discovered that my fellow group members also thought something is significantly different.

What if the younger generation, just entering the workforce, is fundamentally different than the baby boomers, who entered the workforce more than a generation ago?  What if the young people’s thinking, their intrinsic needs, their natural skills and their abilities have evolved beyond what those of us at the age of 50 can imagine?

One of my Mastermind group members said, “We have been trying to figure out our younger workers for some time and they just are not like any other generation. Maybe this is not just a generational thing, but rather a shift in human evolution.”

I’m excited at this possibility. How about you? What do you think?