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Go Inside ! You Have the Answers

Creating Positive Energy in our lives requries that we Go Inside and find the answers that are unique to each of us. What does this mean?

When things don’t seem right..when we seem to be out of alignment or out of sorts we often look externally to find the answers we seek. We speak with friends, family members, even strangers to get a new perspective. What we often forget to do is Go Inside of ourselves and ask the hard questions. What do I really want… What things (obstacles) are in my way …holding me back from getting what I need / or finding what I want/ or accomplishing what I want to accomplish

I also believe that we are often not honest with ourselves because if we were it would mean making a big shift in our lives and who wants to do that? We should all want to do that. Status quo never works. Evolution for ourselves is the most important dharma a person can have.

The finish line is not what we seek. The Answers are in the Journey. Go Inside and ask the hard questions…be honest… listen to your inner voice (not a voice at all but a feeling/intuition) and then act accordingly.