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Being Gentle, what does it mean? Gentle with ourselves; gentle with others. One of the key elements of Gentleness is understanding and forgiveness. It is so important that we get underneath ourselves when we are feeling out of alignment. Underneath ourselves means not being afraid to dig below the surface to see what is really going on. Out of alignment usually means that you are doing something you shouldn’t or not doing something you should. It means you have obstacles in your way to getting where you want to be or being who you truly are. So venture into the unknown, dig underneath and then be GENTLE with yourself and others. When we are of the world we sometimes lose our true nature, go down a rabbit hole and find ourselves out of alignment. It happens to everyone so remember, forgive yourself, be gentle and move on quickly. Remove the obstacles, adjust direction easily and quickly and be kind. If others have contributed to your derailment remember you had a choice and you need to forgive others as well and simply just move on towards alignment.