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I refuse to talk about or contribute to discussion boards about Bullying

Creating Positive
Energy- I refuse to discuss Bullying

I cannot help myself; this week I need to talk about the importance of creating positive energy. If we are to truly change the world we need to change our energy.

I participate in a number of on-linediscussion groups; many HR discussions groups, trainer discussion groups and university discussion groups. With recent events I am seeing Bullying at school and work as a primary topic in these discussion groups around the country. I am so sadden by our continuous need to focus on this topic. Before you get annoyed and close the newsletter hear me out!

I am a firm believer that what we focus on is what we create. What we think about is what manifests; or as our
left brain co-workers would say “what get measures gets done”. If we want to create a world of tolerance, acceptance and appreciation for
differences then we need to focus on tolerance, acceptance and appreciation for differences. I know many young and old people that are turning off the TV…
Turning off the News… turning off the Radio… why??? Because it is full of negative media hype. Bullying has been around for centuries and it is not
getting better; why not take a different approach. Let’s start talking about all of the amazing young people out there doing amazing things. Let’s highlight
the great things that people do for each other. Let’s talk about the manager or leader who really made a difference in your life.

When we provide Leadership Consulting and Programming for our clients we also work from a Creating Positive Energy
perspective. What are we doing really well that we can build upon. For many many years business has focused on “we need to identify all of the errors
so that we can be assured we don’t make the same mistake again”. I would ask the question… how is this working for us? How much time are we spending
reliving our errors, reliving the negative side of poor decision making or the negative side of human nature? If we want to change the world whether it is
from a personal of professional perspective we have to change the things we focus on. Focus on the great things we do; Focus on the successes; Focus on the
positive side of human nature; Focus on the Good. It will change our lives forever. When business Creates Positive Energy and builds on what they do
really well they are unstoppable.

If we sit around and talk about all of the negative aspects of human behaviour we will only get more negative results.
Here is the really cool thing; I suggest that each of us go inside and ask ourselves (feel it don’t think about it) will creating positive energy help create positive results. We know that this is true. If we focus on creating positive energy in the world, at school, at work and in our communities the results will be positive.

goal over the next month is to find as many positive stories about human behaviour. I am reaching out to schools, businesses, to our communities and to YOU. I want to hear all about the great things your company has done; all of the great things a student has done to give back, to reach out to help; all of the great things a co-worker has done for you, or a neighbor. What are some of the great things happening?

Recently in a leadership training program a group of young professionals said; We just wish there was a paper that focused on the positive stuff around the
. I think it is time that we change both our outward energy and inside energy.