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Can you tell the difference when someone actually sees YOU and when they are just reacting or going through the motions. ISEE YOU is a powerful state of being, with huge impacts.

A person’s ability to be conscious and intentional when interacting with others is a special and powerful gift. Many of us go through life on autopilot acting and reacting to life situations and those around us. When we turn off the autopilot, when we slow down and become intentional and deliberate in our interactions we have the ability to truly SEE

Many of us have experienced interactions that were slow intentional and conscious. It is those interactions that are meaningful and memorable and that have long-lasting effects. I continue to be surprised by people who think that speed and quantity have a positive impact on productivity and organizational life. Quality and positive impact comes a slow and deliberate approach.

Have you worked for a leader who is balanced and intentional in their approach when working and dealing with others? If you are one of the lucky ones you have experienced the value of I SEE YOU ! These leaders have enormous and positive long-lasting results. Their influence stretches across generations, cultures and all that makes us unique and yet similar.

Try it for just a day. Slow Down, make every interaction an important one. Look others in the eye and more importantly open the mind, heart and spirt to receive the gifts that others have to offer. You will be surprised at what you receive in return.


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