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What is your INTENTION?

I had an interesting conversation with a friend a few days ago. The focus of the conversation was reflecting on “Intention”. If we each took a few seconds and reflected on our “intention” prior to doing anything and ask ourselves a simple question: does m…y intention align with who I am; does it serve a higher purpose; is it in full alignment; does my intention come from a good and meaningful place. I think if we approached life from this perspective including all of our activities we would find ourselves to be extremely happy and in balance. We would be able to stop ourselves from doing things or saying things that will not serve us or our others.

Lets take just a few simple examples. You are about to have a difficult conversation with an employee. STOP… ask the question, What is my intent? Do I wish to make wrong….Do I intend to school…do I want to guide and facilitate growth…do I truly care? When we ask these questions of ourselves before we engage in the difficult conversation we check in…We monitor our INTENT. This gives us an opportunity to adjust, to reflect and to ensure that our intention comes from the right place. What do you think this will do to assist the conversation in going in a positive direction? Will taking this moment to check in help create positive results?

You can say almost anything to another person if you have monitored your intention and ensured that intention comes from a good place. What do I mean “from a good place”. If you have the conversation because you are mad and need to get something off your chest; need to make a point; need to fix the other person; make them see it your way; school them etc. your intention comes from your EGO and not from a good place. All of the above are about YOU not the other person.

If you truly care about the other person, truly believe you can assist them in considering another perspective, really want the other person to be successful and your comments, views and approach come from a caring perspective you cannot go wrong. You will always choose the right words, right timing and right body language when you truly care about the other person and the outcome.

Remember to consider intent with all of your activities and actions. Why do you do certain things, why are you participating in certain activities, why do you volunteer, why do you read the books you read, go to the movies you go to, have the friends and colleagues you have? I know it seems like a lot of reflection but true happiness comes from observing everything you do and understanding your intent. If it is not in alignment with your true self STOP doing it.