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You Are a Rock Star

Positive Energy is the most powerful force within all of us. I have been playing with positive energy, spirituality and the incredible power of the individual mind and spirit for many years now. I am fascinated by the power of the individual to create amazing results in their own life and the lives of those around them just by shifting their, thoughts, feelings and emotions.

It began many years ago when I decided I would get Rock Star parking everywhere I would go. Wow… does it work. I still use it today. But I am much more consistent and my results are even more positive today many years later, than when I first started down this path. Every time I enter my buildings parking lot I consider how great it will be when I get the spot right in front of the door; I feel the sense of gratitude for not having to carrying my heavy laptop bag and papers up through the many levels of this garage. AND then right before my eyes is a spot coming open right in front of the doors.

Everyone is a Rock Star. You just have to believe it; feel it and be grateful every time wonderful things happen. Be on the lookout for every positive event in your life and the more you see the positive results the more positive results will occur.

The incredible power of the mind and spirit overwhelms me and yet I wonder why we are so reluctant to use it in the positive way it was meant to be used. Consider your thoughts, feelings, emotions and resulting outcomes. When you understand and completely internalize the power of your thoughts, feelings, emotions you will become an amazing creating of your own life, YOU ARE A ROCK STAR.

Unfortunately society wants you to believe you are NOT a Rock Star, you are average like everybody else; that you are not really the creator of your life and life experiences.

Not one of us is average, not one of us is a victim of life. We are our own creators and we are all connected.

I know that this can be really hard to believe especially if you have had something really unwanted happen to you. But here is the thing…. It is what you do with that unwanted thing… how you react, internalize and move through it that allows you to uncover your greatness. Your ROCKSTARISM- GO FOR IT ! Don’t hold back. You are a Rock Star so let it shine through. The Power of your thoughts, feelings and emotions is what will move you to the next level of spirituality and allow your true self to shine.

The challenge for the week is to notice every Rock Star moment that happens in your day to day life; the little moments where you feel great. Where something amazing happens just because you wanted it to…. you had positive thoughts about it, positive feelings about it. You did not allow the usual negative crap to show up and WOW there it was Rock Star Parking, Rock Star meetings, Rock Star friendships, Rock Star reports, whatever it is for you. Begin to heal a relationship, think better about a person or boss; expect good things to happen , feel it, believe it and know that it is on its way. And it will appear!

YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR, you just have to believe it !

By the way… anyone thinking “oh this is just about that silly positive thinking stuff” it is NOT !

THIS IS ABOUT a knowing, an understanding of how truly powerful you really are when you observe and monitor and adjust your thoughts…feelings and emotions to a positive state the world reflects back on your Creation of Positive Energy.

By the way, on the rare occasions that I don’t get Rock Star parking in my building, I watch a person who arrives just one second before me, snag the spot and I am grateful that someone else was able to share in the Rock Star energy, All is good in the World!