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Do you ever feel like you are pushing a big boulder up a hill. Fighting something that just doesn’t seem to want to happen or worst fighting something that is happening.

Boulder pushing is old energy; negative energy and requires a significant effort with little return. We all have been in a position where we try to change something, fix something, make something happen or make something not happen: the predictable and ever-present boulder pushing. WHY?

This is a question that needs reflection and a lot of consideration before answering.

Most people don’t like the answer. But here goes (my answer of course) Remember I am very opinionated not right; I just have a lot of ideas around how to create positive energy in your life and have experienced the amazing results. I digress!

Consider the following questions the last time you tried to push a boulder up the hill.

  • What was the issue?
  • Was it truly your issue or someone else’s?
  • Was it as serious as you first made it out to be?
  • When you really dig down deep, did it really have anything to do with you or was it primarily about another person or situation?
  • Do you really have any control?

Let’s take an examples:

Your company has just been bought out by another company. There are all kinds of rumors about changes, downsizing, amalgamating etc. What does your internal dialogue do; you know the voice in your head. It begins to make up a story about the pending changes; right?

The reality is the stories we create in our head are never correct and are usually based on fear and anxiety which is never our clear thinking mind. Consider the questions above.

You might think the issue is yours but really you are just a person involved with the company, you probably have very little control over the changes. I will guarantee that it is never as serious as we make it out to be in our heads. AND yes I have been unemployed, lost my job when I had 3 little kids, a mortgage and lots of bills.

The fact is we get a choice, we can get very angry and make up a whole story about the situation, the company and the people who are tasked with making the difficult decisions OR we can jump on the raft and go for a ride. Be positive and look for the opportunities that lie ahead. Those that jump on quickly, move through faster, easier and come out on the others side happier and with great new experiences. Individuals that fight and push the boulders against the natural hill end up tired, fatigued and frustrated. You have a choice!

Acceptance of what is… is a critical attribute that we all need in order to Create Positive Energy. Remove the negative noise from our heads and to STOP pushing boulders up hills.

Consider this: The above example has everything to do with you and your happiness and how quickly or not you find new opportunities. It really has nothing to do with your employer and the situation you are in. You can chose to be happy, accepting and open to the new opportunities or not. But the only person it affects is you. You have a choice. Put your energy into what you have control of (your thoughts, your efforts, your outcomes) and stop pushing boulders up hills. The reality is that most people that spent a lot of time pushing the boulders usually get left behind and in fact often the boulder just rolls back over them leaving them feeling fatigued and disappointed.

I know some of this seem really hard but it is simply practice. “Knowing that you absolutely have control over your thoughts, feelings and emotions makes the difference”. Keep practicing!