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Detachment has two very distinct purposes and when applied to everyday life things get a lot smoother, easier to navigate and way less stressful.

The first definition we use for detachment is the ability to create your desires and intentions; know what you want. Be very clear about what you want. Then once you have been very clear about this… “by the way to be really clear and succinct you need to write it down in your journal”. You have a journal right?

So you have made your intentions and desires really clear now you put them out to the universe and (here is the hard part) you stop worrying about how they will manifest. You can certainly create a path for yourself and you should do this but what you need to be careful of is to not create a path and expect your desires to manifest exactly as you think they will. Being attached to the WHAT and the HOWis a sure way of ensuring your desired outcomes won’t manifest. The universe is constantly changing and you need to recognize that we cannot control the HOW. So lay your plan and begin to execute but DETACH intellectually and emotionally.

When we detach from the What and the How amazing things begin to happen. Our desires begin to manifest and although they may not manifest exactly as you expected because you are detached it just doesn’t matter. Before you know it your desires have manifested in an even better way then you expected. This is because you were open and detached.

When we become fixated on the What and the How we miss the opportunities that the universe presents. We just don’t see it and often those opportunities are way better than our original plan. So let go… be open to what presents itself… this is detachment at its best.

By the way…I know this is hard. We have been programmed to build a plan; execute the plan exactly as we laid it out and all of our objectives will come to fruition. Ha Right! The world we live in today requires us to be open, detached and willing to see every event, person and situation as an opportunity. We can only do this if we have created our desires and then detached from it.

Working on your desires in a detached and open way is the only way to allow them to manifest.