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Negotiating with the EGO

So how many of you have a stowaway, a roommate, that interferes with you finding your true alignment. I would say that most of us do. That nasty voice in the head that tries to convince us that we are not good enough; tries to make us fearful, tries to make us better than others. Our EGO plays a significant role in our ability to find true alignment.


To begin to negotiate with the EGO we need to understand how it impacts us. Many people think the EGO is simply the voice of boastfulness; but the EGO is much more than the traditional definition of egotistical

The EGO is involved with all of our judgments, fears, and negative thoughts we have about ourselves. “I am not good enough, I am not worthy of happiness, I don’t deserve…… ” the list goes on and on. The EGO is also involved in all of the conversations we have with ourselves about why we are right about a situation and someone else is wrong. “I am better than that person.” So many of us have a tough time admitting that these conversations take place. If you are like many today, seeking true alignment with yourself, you have to start by being really honest about these conversations. You must become the observer of the thoughts in your head.

  1. Does this conversation serve me well?
  2. Is the thought positive or negative?
  3. Does the thought move me forward or hold me back?
  4. Are these thoughts in my way of finding true alignment and happiness?


The most important question of all….Does this thought make me feel good? We have all the answers we need inside we just have to ask the right questions and then be prepared to be honest with ourselves.

We have the ability to negotiate with the EGO; to change the conversation and to understand the negative impacts the EGO has on us. When we become defensive about a situation or a comment made by someone we absolutelyhave a choice as to how we react or NOT react.


You can ask yourself; Who do I want to be? What truly feels great for me? You have a choice, so make a conscious decision to be the observer of your thoughts and to intervene and ask the hard questions and then be prepared to be truthful.


Alignment is available for everyone we simply need a desire to seek it and keep it.