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You have all the answers you need

One of my favorite sayings is, “Why do we continue to look for answers outside of us when the problems originate on the inside”. What does this mean? I think it means that many of our, so called problems, are more a part of what we think about then actual problems. If you ask yourself, What is the actual problem right NOW. The answer is usually nothing. Problems are usually created in our mind, through the continual conversations we have with our room-mate (EGO). So ask yourself, what the problem right now. You will be surprised with the answer.

Secondly, when you consider the problems, you think you have, ask yourself, does the problem really have anything to do with me. Often our perceived problems have more to do with someone else or a situation that doesn’t really have a lot to do with us. It is our internalization of our problems and the fact that we make it about us; when the truth is the perceived problems often have little to do with us.

After considering the above my only other thought is this; YOU HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS YOU NEED ON THE INSIDE. Stop looking outside yourself for the answers and GO INSIDE and seek the truth. You have the answer you need to every perceived problem that you may think you have.

At the core of coaching is the belief that the client has all the answers they need to be successful, happy and fulfilled. The coach’s roles is to facilitate a discussion that will assist the coachee in seeking their own answers. A coach has to fundamentally believe that each person has their own answers that are uniquely aligned with them. How could any person actually believe that they have the answers for another?