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Becoming the Observer

Being the Observer

The World Reflects our Thoughts / Feelings Back to Us

As I travel back and forth working in a variety of cities in Canada I have lots of airport experiences. I also find myself being much more observant of how life unfolds around me. It is very clear that my (our) perception of the world and what I (we) think about or believe will happen, will always manifest.

For those of you have attended our Creating Positive Energy Workshops you know that I am a firm believer in practicing and becoming theObserver of your thoughts, feelings and emotions; as they are a clear indication of your perception of the world and how it will manifest or unfold in front of you.

Here are two very simple stories where I observed outcomes based on actions and believes. As I arrived at the Winnipeg airport last week at 6am it appeared to be busier than usual. An elderly couple standing behind me were very concerned about using the check-in machines. You could hear them talking about how they had no idea how to use them and didn’t think they could operate them. Usually the Air Canada agents are right there to help but as it turned out they were crazy busy with a large group of military personnel who had just arrived. I offered to help the couple.

My goal on these early flights is to get to the airport in enough time to have some hot oatmeal at the Maple Leaf Lounge before I have to board the flight.

I assisted the elderly couple including printing all of their boarding passes, package tags and placing the baggage tags on their luggage. I was called to the counter first and had my bags scanned and was directed to put my bags on the conveyor. At this point I simply said to myself. The couple will be fine on their own now so I can just hurry along and get to the lounge for breakfast; but I noticed that I didn’t feel good about doing and something was saying, you really shouldn’t leave them. But I did just that; however when I got to security there was a big lineup. I got into the line-up and waited with everyone else wondering if I would get time for my hot breakfast. Shortly after I watched the elderly couple get to security; once again confused, not sure which line to get in and a little overwhelmed to say the least. But then something happened a Security guard realizing that they were frazzled ushered them directly into the Nexus fast lane and they were through security in less than 5 minutes while I waited 45 minutes. I KNEW IT! That momentary uncomfortable feeling was my indicator that I was not in alignment and the universe reflected back on me.

The second story is about the local cab company in a small community where my dad lives. You could say my dad is somewhat negative and has always lived with a lot of fear. He believes the world is not a very nice place. You can imagine how the world reflects back on him. He called a cab last week that didn’t show up; then he called them again and tore a strip off of them. The next time he needed a cab they didn’t show again. No surprise. But more interesting was how much he talked about how incompetent they are and how they must be short-staffed. Two days later he was required to catch a cab from a ferry terminal to his home; usually there are 3 or 4 cabs just waiting at the terminal when the ferry arrives. This time not a single cab and it was quite a problem; we heard about it for days and yet I needed a cab the following day at the same time; same ferry terminal and there were six cabs waiting to give me a ride.

Consider becoming the Observer, if only for 2 / 3 days and watch for the connections because they are all around you. What you think about and feel will always reflect back on you. Change your thoughts and through new thoughts you can change how you feel and when you do this you can change your outcomes every time! What you think about matters.