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There is Positive Energy Everywhere

Positive Energy is Everywhere!

You just have to look for it.

If you are like many people today you are seeking spiritual growth and personal expansion. I am truly one of the luckiest people, as I get to work with individuals and organizations seeking a positive way to interact with each other and to capitalize on how Creating Positive Energy within organizations can significantly impact results. Creating Positive Energy within Leaders, Individuals, Parents, and Teachers is our primary goal.So we are always on the lookout for positive energy.

Things to consider when increasing your personal positive energy;

  • Monitor how you feel; for those of you who have attended our workshops you know that this is not about thinking positively although that helps; it is about how you feel and the emotions that are generated by how you feel.
  • Positive Emotions; creates positive action; which creates positive results every time.
  • Ensure you are in alignment with your true nature; check in with yourself, if it feels good then it is right; if it doesn’t feel good STOP and consider why? Ask yourself the hard questions; why do I feel this way; what is going on for me? What are the conversations I am having with my roommate (noise upstairs in my head with myself)
  • When you are not feeling right you are probably thinking about something in a negative light; creating negative stories and allowing yourself to have fear. Remember-HOW YOU FEEL MATTERS! Shift the story, look for the good and find a better feeling thought.

I am often asked how do I know when I am in alignment with my true self. One of the ways is to monitor how you feel, as it is your greatest measurement of alignment, but you can become much more sensitive to your true alignment through the use of breathing exercises and meditation.

OK…I know some of you are saying “really, you have to be kidding”. I am not kidding. Many of the most effective and successful leaders I know use meditation and breathing exercises as an important tool to developing sensitivity to their true alignment. The more you connect from the inside out the more effective you will be in everything you do. As you do this you are able to catch yourself when you are out of alignment (negative energy, low frequency) and shift to a more positive energy (high frequency / positive feelings and emotions). It is simply amazing how it will change your life; change your results.

Next week we will discuss Meditation and implementing simple breathing exercises into your daily routines.

When you are in true alignment and creating positive energy you are unstoppable, effective as a leader, parent, teacher or just plain happy.