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Alignment is a Beautiful Thing

For those of you who have attended our Creating Positive Energy Workshops or our Leadership Series you know that I am a firm believer that personal alignment and leading self is critical to overall happiness and success.


Many of the people I work with believe that personal alignment is not possible within their life situation especially if their career and present position is not providing the necessary growth or is not rewarding.  For those of you who are managers, supervisors or leaders, at any level, you know exactly which employees are not in alignment. You know because these are the employees who are underperforming, have bad behavior, or are generally unhappy and negative at work. Your job is to help them find alignment, to have the real conversations that help them recognize the importance of seeking roles that are fulfilling, rewarding and align with who they are. Sometimes it’s about finding an organization where you can have true alignment.


Change Innovators has found its true alignment. Many of you may not know, but a year ago we made a decision to come into full and complete alignment with our passion, internal truth and to follow what we know to be true for us. This journey was not easy and there were significant bumps along the way. We needed to shift our attention to following our compelling purpose only and to not look back.  This type of change is never easy but it is always worth it. The rewards are amazing.


We are proud to announce that we have sold our Hearing Conversation business and have wound down our Human Resource generalist and Health and Safety work, by providing many of the other venders in Western Canada with new business, so that we can focus 100% on our New World Leadership™ Series and Creating Positive Energy work. If you are a Hearing Conservation customer please do not be alarmed.  Cory Graham, that you all know so well, has also decided to focus his efforts. He believes strongly in being in alignment and as a result has recently purchased our hearing conservation business and incorporated Hearing Innovators Inc.  He will continue to provide each of our clients with the best Industrial Hearing Conservation Services in the province.  More information will be sent to you over the coming weeks.

Change Innovators has successfully gone from 12 consultants to 8 to 6 and now to our core team of 4 coaches, trainers and administrative support.  And we are LOVING IT!


Nothing is without challenge or risk but when you know you are following your internal guidance system, going within and asking the hard questions and following your compelling purpose, you can never be wrong. 100% of our attention is now on our leadership, coaching and wellness clients and it is paying off exponentially.


Classes are filling up quickly and our roster for the fall is full.  Here is just a sample of what is in store. New World Leadership™ classes are being held in Edmonton, Victoria, Brandon, Winkler and Winnipeg and are filling up fast. Our Creating Positive Energy Workshop is scheduled right across Western Canada.We will be launching our new website and new event registration software in early September making it easier and more convenient for our clients to register for the classes they want in the location they need.


Alignment has never felt so good and we are pleased to be 100% focused on assisting our clients with creating the best most positive energy in their leaders, employees, customers and especially in  themselves.