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Let the Writing Begin!

As many of you are aware, I have been working on my second book, but the winter makes it tough to make significant progress. Our focus is our client work all winter long but with the warmer weather comes time to reflect. With summers arrival I can take a deep breath, relocate to my new west coast office and write like crazy.


I am so excited about this new project and it is really starting to take shape. The full outline is complete and the first and second chapters are almost finished.


When in New York last year I had the opportunity to meet Lisa Fugard, one of Hay House’s very successful authors.Skinner’s Drift is just one of her books. She is very passionate about assisting other authors in being the best they can be. She runs writers workshops and especially likes to work with emerging female authors. Lisa has agreed to be the official editor of my next book, so I am incredibly excited about this opportunity!


I am looking for a small group of people who would be interested in reading my book as it unfolds. This small group would provide feedback, critical comments and suggestions on how to improve my work. We would conduct our conversations on Facebook at the Yvonne Thompson – The Innovative Leader Fan Page (  My hope is that some of you would like to be part of this project by being a critical eye on my work and providing your valuable feedback.  The chapters will not be posted on FB; you would receive them directly from me. However, our conversations and your feedback could be posted directly on FB. This will allow our Spiritually Aligned Leadership community to be involved in the discussion.


Many of you email me with your comments, thoughts and questions regarding my blog/newsletter and this is another way for us to stay connected, keep the conversation going and for me to receive feedback from those who are committed to this work.   I may be the spokesperson for this subject but many of you are the motivation and inspiration behind this work. Each of you are making a significant difference in your workplaces, creating an engaged and healthy workplace by Leading Self first and foremost. You set the example every day. This is how we make change in the world, one person at a time; one company at a time and it starts with YOU!


If you are interested in providing your feedback to me on my work please email me directly  and in the subject line please note Critical Conversations on Spiritually Aligned Leadership.


Have a fabulous week.