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love and loss

When the angels speak to us we have a choice, we can be open to hearing (feeling) their advice, or not. If we are dialing up our “heart centre” we are able to hear the important messages that allow us to stay in alignment and true to what is important. I believe that the more we tune into ourselves and into our internal guidance system the more we are able to hear the messages of the angels. This week, without even knowing it, we heard the angels.


Our little 8 year old Bichon, “Lucy”, lived to play ball.  We knew early on that Lucy was a ball-a-holic.  Anyone who had the pleasure of meeting Lucy at our offices knew there was nothing she liked more than a person who would throw the ball. She jumped, leaped, twisted, dove and catapulted in an effort to catch the ball before it hit the ground and bounced. The day we discovered the little purple raspberry balls was the day Lucy knew she was in for years of great ball playing. We ordered the balls by the dozens so that we would never run out. Lucy was so in love with her little purple raspberries that she taught herself a great game that required no human interaction. When I was busy in the kitchen she would go to the top of the carpeted stairs and drop her ball down. She would watch it fall and bounce and then the chase was on. She would hurdle off the stairs, catch the ball and race to the top again. She played for hours until she was completely exhausted and would have to curl up in a corner to catch her breath.


One of her other favorite games was “ball and blanket”. This game included placing her ball inside a large blanket and wrapping it around and around so the ball was completely buried. She would then scratch and claw at the blanket until she uncovered it. We have one friend that would make it impossible for Lucy to get the ball because they would take an elastic band and secure the ball in the blanket, making it impossible for Lucy to actually get the ball free.  This was a real challenge for Lucy and was exciting to watch her work at it, but sad at the same time. We wouldn’t let her go too long before we would remove the elastic and free Lucy from her frustration.


The other thing that we learnt early on was if Lucy cried or sniffed near a piece of furniture and you looked for the ball underneath but couldn’t see it, you were not to give up! Meaning that even if you thought, “Lucy, your ball is not under there!” eventually you would realize that “Yes” it was. It was just hidden really well! Lucy always knew where to find her raspberries. A great example was when my husband moved from Winnipeg to the West Coast, and some of her spare balls were left in a dresser draw packed into the container. When the container was unpacked at our new home Lucy knew instantly where the extra balls were. She just had to have them. You could not hide a ball from Lucy.


Both my husband and I practice silence, meditation and personal alignment. We believe that to stay in alignment with our personal truth we need to be connected to ourheart centre.  As a result, when Lucy’s started to speak with us 3 days ago, we knew it was time to say goodbye. Lucy was only 8 years old, but had compressed discs in her back due to her passion for ball playing.  We knew that one day the pain would be too much to bare. Lucy waited for the summer when I could be with her for several weeks at a time and then she started to speak to us about her pain. It was clear that medicating her was not the answer. She was now unable to play ball, chase a stick at the beach and in her last day she made the decision not to leave her kennel. We knew that we could increase her medication, but that is not what she wanted. It was definitely what we wanted, but that would not be fair. Lucy lived to play ball!


On Monday, we said goodbye to Lucy and today we will go and pick up her remains so that they can be placed under a large rock in our new front yard. Lucy wanted to be there for my husband as he transitioned to the West Coast, she wanted to ensure that I could reunite with her during the summer and then she clearly and most confidently said, “I want to be released from my pain so I can move on”.


Love is most powerful. I choose love, which sometimes means loss.