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Be Open and the Answers Will Appear Seeking the Heart-center

At the core of good coaching is the understanding that every single client already has all the answers that they need on the inside. The coach’s role is simply to ask great questions, so the client can seek their own answers. We are an amazing, resilient and incredibly capable species who have forgotten or lost the connection to our internal power.

The focus of our work is to expose, anyone who will listen or read, to the concepts and ideas of personal power, intentional leadership, self-love and a life with no fear.  Society in general has spent the last hundred years encouraging people not to make individual decisions but to be governed by laws, rules, processes and policies.

Whether it is society in general, the school system, healthcare or our organizations, we have been encouraged to dial down our intuitive and heart centered abilities. There are many writers who have written about the importance of accessing our left-brain and right brain abilities. Organizations realize that there has been too much reliance on left- brain activity, which stifles creativity, innovation and the ability of people to make intuitive decisions.

We must take this one step further. We are much more complex than simply a left and right brain. We are also heart-centered. The Heart-center is amazing at helping us make right decisions.  Unfortunately most of us have been dialing down the abilities of our heart-center for many years. This is because organizations typically do not value or recognize the significance of each person’s heart centered abilities. We have been trained to live in our heads and therefore we have lost connection to the Heart-center. I am certainly not talking about being emotional or relying on our emotions to make decisions. In fact it is quite the opposite.

The Heart-center is a significant tool that when tapped into provides you with clarity and a simple knowing of what you need to do next. I like to use the term alignment; this is because alignment is when you are connected to not only the left and right brain activity, but more importantly to the Heart-center. When you are tapped into your Heart-center you can rely on it to provide you with clear information and guidance. It will always point you in the right direction.

This week I leave you with a couple of simple questions;

  • Have you ever made a decision when you knew you should not make it?
  • What were the signs or feelings you had at the time the decision was made?
  • If you knew you shouldn’t make the decision why did you?

Next week we explore how to tap into the heart center and how to align yourself with its powers.





Winnipeg MB   September 20th

Victoria BC  November 7th

Edmonton AB  November 20th