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Organizations are Trying to Catch Up!

The world is changing and everyone (almost everyone) can feel it.  I am so excited as more and more people realize the critical importance of Creating Positive Energy in our lives and especially within our organizations.

Research is clear; everywhere we go we hear the same thing over and over again. Employees are not going to change; Employers need to catch up!  Employees today will move to find a company that they can connect with in a meaningful way. Work is way more than a pay cheque and almost everyone is seeking connection, meaning and intrinsic value.   Those that are not seeking it are saying, I wish I could seek it. These employees are usually those in long-term relationships with large employers.

Research shows in survey after survey that employees today are engaged by meaningful purpose and that they want to connect to something much greater than themselves. Employers who are waiting for their employees to assimilate into an old mechanistic work environment are going to wait a long time and have significant turn over as employee after employee moves on to find meaning.

I get accused all of the time about being too optimistic, tooout there! I am ok with that because the meaning and value that comes from clients saying, “wow I can’t believe the difference in our team, people are happier, considering new ways of doing things and have connected to their personal power for the first time in a long time.” 

Happy employees who are in alignment are productive employees and at minimum are connected to their truth so they can begin to make right choices for themselves.  We all know that unhappy employees are less productive and can have a negative affect on other employees. Employers who are trying to catch up want their employees to be thrilled coming to work; they want them to be aligned with their truth, resilient and happy even if the work itself is less then mind blowing.  We can’t always provide amazing work but we can provide an amazing work environment where truth, candid conversations and true alignment exist. It begins with employers recognizing the need to change; to shift and to be open to this new way of being in the workplace.

Creating Positive Energy and resilient leaders who are in alignment with themselves is key to today’s business success. These aligned leaders have organic influence that assists team members in seeking their own alignment. When alignment occurs Right Action can take place. Right Action is Good For Business.

I hope that each of you are working for organizations that are catching up!  Remember change takes time and organizations have been entrenched for over 100 years in a command and control, mechanistic approach. We need to be patient and provide regular and consistent feedback if we want change to occur. Change happens one person at a time; one leader at a time.