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Several years ago when I was working on my Masters a classmate recommended that I visit a specific beach on the west coast of Vancouver Island. At the time we were both studying at Royal Roads University and this particular beach was about a 2-hour drive northwest.

After 10 days of continuous work, reading and paper writing I took his advice and decided to go on an adventure.  The beach was off a long gravel road and wasn’t the easiest to find, unless you were a local and then you knew exactly where to go.

I drove for about an hour and half and then believed I had found the correct road. It was not marked properly like the usual provincial roads; this was more of a construction road.

I drove another 30 minutes in my small rental car down this potholed dusty road when I came to what appeared to be a make shift parking lot.   I then began a 30-minute hike through the bushes.

Eventually I could tell, I was getting close, as the trees began to thin and the sun began to peak through.  I found myself on this amazing beach; long, rugged and absolutely beautiful. You knew there were people on the beach but they were well spread out. In the distance I could see tents, the smoke from a wood fire and I could even smell the aroma of fresh brewed coffee.  This was a favorite camping spot for nature lovers and environmentalist who just needed to be with nature. It was not a camp ground but a beautiful piece of undisturbed wilderness.


I found my own private spot and began a meditation.I had only brought one book with me; The Little Book of Abundance. A friend gave this little pocket book to me and I was excited to dig into it.As I read the book it became clear to me that I wanted to create a list of personal live missions; the things I would always try to live by; the guiding principles that would become the framework of my life.  As I sat on a beautiful piece of smooth silky driftwood I wrote in my journal. My guiding principles;


Profound Appreciation

Daily Visualization

Intense Love

Verbal Harmlessness

Joyful Thoughtfulness

I didn’t want the list to be too long or hard to follow, as I knew it was going to be a challenge to practice and I wanted to be realistic in my goals. This was a major turning point in my journey of “leading self” and becoming deliberate and intentional as a person. What are your guiding principles? What are you doing to become deliberate and intentional in all that you do?   Build organic influence through leading self.