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Verbal Harmlessness

When I was creating my guiding principals several years ago, while sitting on that beautiful BC beach, I was taken by the concept of “Verbal Harmlessness”.  What would it be like to become a person who was able to practiceverbal harmlessness everyday?

It sounds much easier than it is.  I have certainly tried to live by this but I must say it is not easy.  What I do find is that I am much more sensitive when someone else begins to speak negatively about another person. I try to change the subject and if I can’t I simply remove myself from the situation. We definitely live in a world where it is easy to slip into bad habits of discussing another persons perceived shortcomings. I try to remind myself that everyone of us is connected and that when I say something negative about another person I hurt myself right along the way.

When we see ourselves as connected to everyone and everything we can become much more sensitive to our surroundings, energy and external expressions of ourselves. When I first started this practice I laminated a card with my guiding principles and placed it in several prominent places; my car, wallet, bedroom, kitchen and even on our sailboat; a simple reminder to practice being intentional and deliberate.

Make a commitment to practice Verbal Harmlessness and the world will instantly be a better place for it.