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Becoming the Observer

As we seek joy, abundance, peace and balance we look for tools that will make it easier and more accessible. As I work from my West Coast office I am focused on completing my second book. The name of the book (for now) is Creating Positive Energy, Spiritually Aligned Leadership.   The chapter I finished this morning is called Becoming the Observer.

There are two components to becoming an observer. In todays blog I want to share the first component, which is becoming the observer of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. If we are to continue on our journey of seeking balance, joy and abundance, in everything we do, we have to begin to monitor what we think about.  What we think about has a direct affect on how we feel. How we feel affects our emotions and our emotions affect our behaviours.

I know that the world reflects back on us so that what we think about is critical to achieving what we want in life. If we think we don’t have enough money we will never have enough money. If we think we are fat and ugly we will never be able to lose weight and feel fabulous. There is a direct connection to what we think about and the results we get. So begin to observe what you think about. Catch yourself having negative thoughts about yourself or others and switch to a more positive position. You will immediately feel better. As you feel better you make better decisions and will take right action. I know it sounds easy and it is harder then it appears but practicing becoming the observer of your thoughts can truly change your life.

If the thoughts you are having are negative, ask yourself, how does what I think about make me feel and move me forward in a positive way? If is doesn’t change what you think about.