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We are All Teachers

Many of you know this already but I LOVE what I do.  I have the pleasure of working with people right across Canada, helping them to tap into their most inner desires, to create positive energy in everything they do and to find joy, balance and peace.


Last week I went to a group meditation hosted and lead by one of my favorite people (reiki master extrodinare’) Lygia.  There is clearly a growing community of people looking and seeking joy, abundance and peace.


While at her home I met one of my students, a lovely woman named Sally, who I originally met in our Leadership Series.  This student graduated from the Leadership Series last year and shortly after decided to make a change in her career.   Through our many conversations I could tell that she was seeking alignment, truth and wellbeing. Several months later she registered for our Wellness Weekend and again I had the pleasure of working with her. We had 3 fabulous days together exploring how to Create Positive Energy in every area of your life.


Now here we were together again at a group meditation.  But this time it was clear to me that the student had become the teacher. She glowed with joy, peace, clear direction and desires and intentions that were manifesting every day. She was living the dream of letting go of fears and creating the life and work she had always wanted.  She glowed with positive energy. I loved listening to her talk about her journey over the past six months and I could clearly see that she was now the teacher. I left our conversation with 3 new tools that I have been practicing since our recent encounter.  Thanks Sal…..  I love how we can all learn from each other. You are living proof that when You Lead Yourself the Rest will Follow!