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Becoming SELF-Centred

I knew that we would get a lot of questions around the concept of becoming SELF-Centered. Many people think it is about being selfish or that it is the same thing as being selfish. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Take a moment and ask yourself: What do I do for ME? What do I do everyday that is simple and yet just for me? What do I do to create balance, joy and peace in my everyday life? Becoming SELF-Centered is about doing something simple and easy for yourself everyday. It can be as simple as having a clear and concise Intention for the Day. You take a moment every day to be clear about your intentions for yourself. How you want to feel; and how you want to react to life.

Although our busy lives often create stress, guilt and unnecessary expectations on people, how are you planning on being intentional in every moment in order to avoid some of these emotions?

When we choose love instead of judgment; when we choose gratitude instead of lacking; when we choose acceptance instead of boulder pushing we create balance, peace and joy within ourselves, even when things might feel chaotic in our external world.

As you release and let go of feelings of judgment, lacking, loss, and a sense that you need to change things, you get relief instead. You get a sense of empowerment, balance and yes, I can do this! How you feel matters!

 When you don’t feel right simply ask yourself, why do I not feel right? What am I thinking about that is creating these feelings? Why am I feeling this way? Then ask yourself; is this my EGO speaking (trying to make me right and someone else wrong/ or trying to make me wrong/bad/not good enough) or is it a true feeling that comes from my spiritual self that is guiding me. Answer these questions honestly and you will get relief and sense of empowerment.

This practice is part of Becoming SELF-Centered; an intentional observation of what you think about, how you feel; who you choose to be and why. You begin to remove judgment, lacking and negative thinking and you begin to live an intentional and deliberate life.   Make you a priority this year and just watch what happens.