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Old Energy Organizations vs. New Energy Organizations

I worked with a fabulous group of mid-level leaders today where the topic of discussion was Spiritually Aligned Leadership, Love, Compassion and how it connects to business success. WOW. As my husband would say W…O…W!

Things are truly beginning to shift and in a totally awesome way. Now, these discussions do not come without some controversy and debate. For example, one comment was, “sometimes we really need to be tough and not so soft!” I completely agree and it is important to understand that creating a New Energy Organization with Spiritually Aligned Leaders does not mean that everything becomes easy and soft with no direction; the complete opposite, in fact.

Spiritually Aligned Leaders are more likely to be able to have the difficult conversations and ask the questions that dig deeper because those questions come with good intent-where love and compassion are at the center. Spiritually Aligned Leaders are able to be direct and candid, when called for, and soft and indirect, when appropriate. Both approaches come from a place of love and present minded, conscious leadership.

Some might ask, how is this possible? These concepts seem to be opposing. A Spiritually Aligned Leader has practiced and continues to practice detachment, non-judgment and acceptance. These three skills when combined, allow the leader to step back, breath, reflect and determine the most spiritually aligned approach. The leader is not just relying only on their left-brain or the hard evidence, but also on the spiritual connection they have with themselves to determine appropriate action. It is a practiced skill that creates amazing results.

Spiritually Aligned Leaders are at the center of New Energy Organizations. These leaders make the tough decisions every day that allow a business to prosper. However, those decisions never seem tough to these leaders, they are simply the right thing to do. They have consulted, and reflected before moving forward. The decisions are implemented with love and care and are communicated from a place of compassion.

Remember, #LeadSelfandtheRestWillFollow.