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Alignment: Seeking Our Truth

I wanted a true Mexican experience- ask and receive!

As I lay on the floor of the Adobe Brick Temazcel, (similar to a Sweat Lodge whose translation is Rebirth) Le Pita, our spiritual guide for the day, shared a story and reflection that I would like to share here. It speaks to alignment, truth and finding ourselves.

A pregnant lioness was very sick and about to die. She stumbled down a hill and died at the bottom but not before giving birth to 4 female cubs. Shortly after, a male and female antelope came by and saw the frightened cubs alone. The antelopes took the cubs into their family and raised them as their own. The lions grew strong and adapted beautifully to their antelope family; eating only grass and plants and learning to leap and jump as only antelope can.

As the lioness’ became adults, one of them began to feel uneasy, not herself and in fact, started to ask “Who Am I?” This is not unlike what often happens to us as we move through different stages in our lives. Unrest continued to grow within this lion and one day she decided to venture out on her own. She went exploring and as she walked, she became thirsty. She stopped by a large lake to get a drink but as she dropped her head, she saw her reflection and noted her long hair, large whiskers and large fangs. She suddenly became aware that she was different from everyone in her antelope herd; she realized she was a lion. She pondered this for some time. After wandering for several more days, the lion came across her antelope herd. As she watched the herd from a distance, she began to drool.

Le Pita’s question to each of us was (translated from Spanish to English by her daughter), what did the lion do next? Which weighs heavier: culture or biology? Reflect on your initial instinct and then consider the importance of balance between culture and biology. Both are important and balance between the two is the key.

Many people are asking the same questions of themselves this year: Who Am I? What I do I Truly Want? Remember to seek your truth. Go inside, be honest with yourself and then simply lean in the direction you want to go and you will be amazed at what transpires.

The incredible community I have felt since arriving in Zihuantanejo, only a week ago, is amazing. I am truly grateful to have this opportunity.