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Our Thoughts are Energy


I think most of us have heard the statement “Our Thoughts are Energy” before. For me, this rings more true now than ever before. Several years ago, it occurred to me that if this was in fact the case, we could manifest anything we wanted by changing our thoughts. This was the beginning of my journey to becoming a Spiritually Aligned Leader.

What I discovered is that just thinking positive about something does not change the situation. Change happens at the feeling stage. The value in changing what we think about is that over time, we can actually change how we feel about ourselves and what we are able to accomplish. After years and years of trying to compete, being told we were not good enough, feeling like we were less than others, it is very hard to change the little voice (roommate, ego) in our head from one of self-doubt to one of self actualization.

Quantum physics has scientifically proven that everything, including our thoughts, is energy and that energy creates a cause and effect reaction. So our mission as leaders is to create positive energy through positive feelings of gratitude, compassion, appreciation and a sense of balance. It has to start with each individual leader.

Here is one of the things I do each day to exchange negative thoughts for positive and to remind myself that I am on a path of feeling self-love and worthiness. I write one thing down every day that I am proud of, something I did that moved me forward. For example, I might write down how I observed myself having a negative thought about another person and how I self-corrected; this I am proud of. The more I acknowledge my effort, the better I feel and the more I practice it. Leaders need to slow down and acknowledge when they overcome barriers of negativity or when they take a perceived negative situation and find the opportunity.

What do you do each day that creates feelings of self-worthiness? Remember that thoughts are energy…thoughts create feelings…feelings create emotions…

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