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Life Changing Leadership: The GREAT Corporate Shift

The title of this article is the title of my next book.  I have been writing this book for the past 2 months and it will hit the shelves in the fall of 2016.  This work has been the most rewarding so far because the relief that people are seeking in the workplace is at an all time high.

 We cannot continue to ask ourselves to do more, produce more, fit in more, engage more and get along more in hopes of getting more productivity. More stuff, more effort, more work cannot and will not produce more results. From a very early age we are taught to work hard, study hard, be committed and to compete to be physically, intellectually and emotionally fit and strong. This approach to life leaves us disconnected from our true self, feeling we actually have less, wondering why we feel so lost and unfulfilled. We can feel ineffective, stressed and often exhausted. I work with leaders at all levels from CEO’s, VP’s, directors to frontline lead hands and regardless of title, these feelings can be found throughout an organization and can affect everyone at times.

 Working with organizations and individuals to improve their professional leadership is often life changing on every level. I have written about old energy organizations and new energy organizations and what it takes to create the organization of the future. This next book is about how to take an organization and its leaders from the throws of the 19th century and move them into the new energy of 2020 (which is fast approaching by the way).

 The good news is that many leaders are waking up and asking themselves, “why do I keep working so hard and yet I feel like I am accomplishing less.” We have known intuitively for sometime but now research is clear, we cannot work at optimum, make great decisions, be highly collaborative and focus clearly on common goals when we are running around trying to produce more with less. Leaders begin to recognize that if they want to get better results, they need to begin by slowing down, reflecting, breathing and monitoring the conversations in their head and most importantly monitoring how they feel. How a leader feels is a key indication of the results they will get. Leadership development is totally different today than 30 years ago, and that’s a good thing. 

 We have asked employees, supervisors and managers (anyone who goes to work) to bring their Mind (intellect) and Body (physical capabilities) to work everyday but to leave their feelings or Spiritual self at home. This is why the work environment has never been optimal. Well, now we are saying not only bring your Spiritual Self to work, but tap into it, connect to it in order to bring clarity, balance and better decision making into the workplace.  This is what will ultimately make the true difference.  

 Next newsletter, I will share my thoughts on what it looks like (feels like) to connect to your spiritual self and how it can dramatically affect your leadership capabilities.