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Can Selling Fish be Sexy?

We all have heard of the famous Pike Place Fish Market at the Seattle Wharf. I had the opportunity to be on business there last week and visit this iconic place. For many years, I used one of their training videos in a Leadership class I taught for a Business Faculty. The purpose was to share the concept that, it isn’t what we do, but how we feel about doing it that matters; that when an organization has a meaningful compelling purpose, no matter how small or big, people can align to something more than simply a paycheque.


People spend a significant amount of time at work and so this concept of having a compelling purpose that is felt intrinsically by contributors is often the difference between engagement and discretionary effort and disengagement and low performance.


Spiritually Aligned Leaders™ look for organizations with a compelling purpose they can align with and feel that what they do is meaningful. It is not about a paycheque. We all recognize that meeting basic needs is important but Spiritually Aligned Leaders™ know that basic needs will always be met and that for them to truly serve, they need to be aligned to something they feel is important.


At Pike Place Fish Market, selling fish can be very rewarding (sexy). All contributors are involved in coaching, mentoring and creating a great environment where having fun is encouraged. It isn’t just about selling fish, it is about the experiences of the consumer and the employee. They bring great value to this famous market. In addition, are the only fish market in Seattle with 100% sustainable fishing practices. This is something else the employees can connect to. This is similar to the company Patagonia and their philosophies around sustainable practices; that being not only to provide a great product but also do it in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way. So if you are an outdoors advocate, you would more likely align with Patagonia than with another retailer.


It doesn’t matter what you do but why and how you do it. Does your organization have a compelling purpose (CP)? Do you feel alignment to the CP? Do contributors know what it is and how it brings value to employees, customers and other stakeholders?  Making money is no longer the only goal… but having a CP that is meaningful, and that leaders and employees can connect to, is where high performance and discretionary effort come from. Money is a bi-product of a fabulous compelling purpose and if you want the truth, lots of money is often the result. It is because when you are spiritually aligned with how you spend the majority of your time, the money takes care of itself. You will make the right decision for the right reasons and always feel good about it. Leaders are rewarded with great opportunities and abundance flows so yes, selling fish can be sexy!!



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