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Upcoming Fall Programs

We are so excited as we prepare for our Fall suite of programs.  Check out our plans below!

New World LeadershipTM Series – This program takes place over 9 half-days as we recognize that true shift and change occurs over time.  Our programs are designed to produce maximum results on a leader’s self-awareness, accountability and engagement levels that can be felt by their team and organization. Join us for an Executive Overview where you will learn about the tools we use, the content we teach and how our programs will benefit your organization.

This program will be offered in the following cities this Fall.  Click each link for more information.







Coaching as a Leader – Coaching is becoming the most sought-after skill for leaders in today’s business environment as a result of its ability to create improved communication, performance and employee engagement.  This program takes place over 6 half-days and provides leaders the tools and competencies to effectively achieve organizational goals and resolve conflict.  We take the complexities of coaching and break them down into easy to implement techniques for leaders at all levels.

This program will be offered in Winnipeg this Fall.  Click here for more information