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Separation vs. Collective Oneness


The discoveries in Neuroscience and Quantum Physics have proven clearly that we are all connected energetically and that separation does not exist. We are “ONE” and that everything, including our thoughts, are energy and that energy creates our reality. At the sub-atomic level we are all the same, created from the same energy.

Feelings of separation only increase our need for competition and isolation but feelings of oneness, where we are all connected, create willingness for people to focus on positive emotions of love and compassion. Understanding the science of oneness, also referred to in the scientific community as entanglement, creates a completely new context in which we can build high performing teams. With this new knowledge, we need new tools to nurture great collective team energy that creates high performance. We do this by creating positive energy based on positive feelings of gratitude, abundance, compassion, love and appreciation. It has to start with each individual leader.

The leader must begin with themselves and do the work required to shift their thoughts and feelings from a place of lacking, limited resources, competition, and the need to win to thoughts and feelings of collaboration, kindness, compassion, love and acceptance. These high frequency thoughts create feelings which result in high-energy emissions. Emotions emit energy. This high-energy emission helps us to create an environment of oneness and collective energy. This is where we can begin to tap into the collective consciousness and collective energy of our teams – this is where high performance resides.

These concepts are no longer only applicable to those weird people embracing that woohoo stuff but these concepts and tools are making their way into the mainstream of leadership development because they work! When we focus on positive emotions of love, compassion, gratitude and abundance, we create amazing results.  Imagine when we do this collectively – accessing the collective energy of our teams, we become unstoppable!