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A Difficult Leadership Assignment

The New World Leadership TM series is known for its transformational process where long term sustainable change occurs.  Leaders often state, it was life changing and yet difficult to describe why? Slowly but certainly the New Energy Organization emerges.


After 12 months of working with leaders we ask them to do one final assignment. However, we ask them not to rush, to take their time (which can mean days or weeks).  On the surface the assignment seems so easy, however if you have been through this transformational process you know that what we are asking is far more than a simple assignment. It requires deep reflection, internalized heart centered focus, and has to be profoundly meaningful to the individual leader.


Here is the seemingly simple assignment. If you had to describe yourself, 2 years from now, in 4 words, 4 words only…not phrases or sentences what would those words be. You work diligently every day to live these words. They have great meaning and significance to you personally. They come from deep within you, serving you in your personal and professional leadership role.  There is often a story behind each word, as to why it is so meaningful, and how it truly shapes your character, leadership contribution and personal evolution.


As managers we think our job is to get things done…tick the boxes, check off each assignment. I encourage you to face this assignment with rigor, reflection and referent focus.


In next month’s blog we will explore why this assignment is so valuable in transforming the leader and all that the leader does in creating an environment where optimal performance and accountability can thrive.