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Transforming Culture …Transforming Results

Transformation is the only thing that keeps us moving forward, evolving and growing personally and professionally. Corporate stagnation is the route to slowed growth and in the worst cases complete irrelevancy.

Progressive organizations are always exploring, seeking new opportunities and have a deep understanding of the importance of innovation and transformation. If you look at the 100-year-old corporations that are still around you will find companies that knew when and how to transform and reinvent themselves.  The old heritage companies that did not do this are no longer in existence or are slowly losing their place in the market.

Transformation has never been as important as it is today. Everything around us is changing at the speed of light and so organizations need to take a close look at their corporate culture and ask the really hard questions around sustainability, retention of talent and most importantly attraction of future intellect and our younger generations.

If we think the Millennials have been challenging to assimilate, we haven’t seen anything yet. The generation coming right behind them will push the boundaries even more. Balance, connection, alignment, ease, grace, integrity and sustainability will the theme of the next generation. We need to be careful not to immediately go to judgement as these words do not mean lower productivity, lower engagement or lack of interest. In fact, in most cases they mean something quite the opposite.  This new generation want to be challenged intellectually, they want to work hard and contribute in a meaningful way. However, they also have a clear understanding of the type of environment they want to work in. They don’t believe that you need to work yourself to death or make tons of money in order to be fulfilled.  Happiness is paramount to them and the leading indicator of success is in fact their personal happiness. This is not a bad thing as research is clear, positive energy and a person’s happiness is the route to better decision making, learning and innovation.

Taking a close look at how you prepare your organization for the New World Leadership Environment is critical. Transforming culture, to one that will attract and retain talent and keep productivity and performance at the forefront is something that we all need to be embracing right now. Moving from older energy culture to new energy culture does not have to be difficult or expensive. It does, however, require a clear strategy.

Leaders Demonstrate (Live) Values….

Values Dictate Behaviour….

Behaviour Creates Culture

Culture Predicts Performance

Creating a New World LeadershipTM environment is one of the best and most effective ways to transform culture and create amazing results. The right leadership strategy creates a workplace where every contributor can share ideas, be innovative and on the lookout for new opportunity and/or product lines in a safe and trusting environment.

What’s Your Leadership Strategy? How are you preparing for the future?  We would love to start a conversation and learn from our community the different ways you are transforming culture.