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What is normal? We hear over and over again, “returning to normal” or “the new normal”. I believe that the questions are always more important than the answers. So, it dawned on me, what is normal?  Who decides what is normal?

Is normal a predetermined set of rules or norms imposed by society, business, church, community, government, and family? Do most of us simply succumb to normal without a lot of thought? What is considered normal in one community may not be considered normal in another community. So, what is normal, I wonder?

I find myself reflecting on the term paradox. What was true yesterday may not be true today. What was true today may not be true tomorrow. So why do we get stuck in the so-called normal or today’s truth. Science would tell us that our brains are seeking certainty in order to feel a sense of calm and balance. However, if we seek certainty from our outer world it means there must be standard norms, that we can look to, in order to feel a sense of safety or security.

If we had a clear sense of inner certainty, would the outer world and its norms have less impact on us?  Would you be in a better position to create your own norms and determine your own set of truths.

As I speak with leaders in a variety of sectors and countries one thing seems clear and that is there is no real normal and that things are reinventing themselves in new ways every single day.  How can we become truly adaptable and yet still feel a sense of certainty? The only answer that appears to me is that certainty must come from the inside. We must create a sense of internal peace and balance regardless of the outer world and its condition. I’m not suggesting that we turn a blind eye or stick our head in the sand but I am suggesting that as the world unfolds and paradox becomes our new awareness we will need to turn inward and seek our own truth, our own normal, and empower ourselves to make decisions that are heart centred and simply feel right.