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The Rising Consciousness Level


We are an evolving species, so what does this mean for business?

It is hard to ignore the rising level of consciousness around the world. A focus on things that truly matter, a Z Generation that is vocal, committed and unwavering and a 2020 virus that slowed even the busiest people down.

We have had a unique opportunity to truly reflect, consider and make choice over the past 4 months. What I notice is that the rising consciousness that we have seen with the leaders we work with, was now more visible amongst a larger network. In other words, as people slowed downed, they connected more with themselves, and their direct family.  People also began to consider what really matters to them.

There is a renewed focus on the environment, inclusion, true diversity, balance, grace and ease. People are asking themselves some hard questions about what really matters to them and their families. As a result, corporations must take a hard look at their practices, culture, structure and the working ecosystem. The words that come to mind are, flexible, fluid, flatter, open, transparent, adaptable, less structured, humble, with a focus on connection.

At the core of the successful future business will be purpose, passion and values that are demonstrated clearly through behaviour.