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Passion…Purpose…Process. A Relentless Commitment to Something Meaningful


When I come across a company who clearly knows who they are and why they are in business, I always take notice. After a little bit of research, I placed my first order with Farmdrop in order to experience their organic farm fresh offerings.

I was not disappointed by the quality and service. More importantly, as I unpacked my groceries (delivered right to my door when they said they would) I noticed a small newspaper in the bottom of one of the paper bags. It was the Spring 2020 edition of the Farmdrop news. This newspaper was full of great articles and recipes. I came across an article called, “The Books Behind our Mission”.  I was drawn into the story and the passion and purpose described by their founder; Ben Pugh.

After working for over 30 years to assist companies to find meaning, purpose, and passion and to develop their leaders within that alignment, I believe there is now reason to be optimistic.  Ben clearly knows why he does what he does and how it brings value to all of the stakeholders, including a larger community, touched by their work, even if they don’t know it.  This is only one example of a company doing good things.

From farmer to my home I could feel and see the commitment to biodiversity, reduction in plastic use, ethical farming, support to growers and the larger community in which they operate.  Many of you who know our work, have seen us use the water droplet symbol in our marketing. This is because our goal is to have a ripple effect of positive impact and meaning to everyone we come in contact with. Farmdrop is having a ripple effect for sure and I am pleased to say they now have a new and very happy customer.

Companies who find new footing,  as Covid-19 settles in, are going to be organizations with a clear passion, purpose and process. They look at everything they do and ensure it connects back and integrates. Everything from values, behaviours, practices, structure, and most importantly the human connection to all of their contributors. The company footprint will truly matter to them. They will be eager to understand the ripple effect that occurs when employees, customers and the larger community interact with them. They will be able to clearly articulate that ripple effect and will be optimistic that there are positive ripples they will never know about.

If you and your company are struggling to find your footing, as you re-enter the workplace, know that you are not alone and that transformation takes time, commitment and a willingness to embrace change wholeheartedly. Grace and ease should be words that resonate.

Start with Passion, look to Purpose and then define Process. Be clear, be concise and then link everything initiative back to your 3 P’s.