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Being True to Who You Are!

Is it difficult to be true to who you are, both personally and corporately sometimes? On occassion it means being judged harshly by others. Difficult questions arise that are not always easy to answer. What I know for sure is, it feels better to be true to who we are and what matters to us, as a team, than to stray in order to fit in.

As an avid reader I come across amazing quotes that seem to resonate to my core.  This one stood out for me, “If we are true to oneself we can never be false to another”.   Recently our team revisited the   Passion and Purpose of Change Innovators, that which drives everything we do.   I am so pleased with the results.

Corporations driven by a clear purpose, grounded in values and behaviours that align are emerging as frontrunners. Stay focused on the core of who you are and opportunity will abound.  One of our recent ventures is a mini series on Love and Compassion in the corporate context. Please follow the upcoming posts or join our corporate LinkedIn page to stay connected.