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Love and Compassion – Strength or Weakness?

What a strange concept when thinking about leaders, culture and corporate performance.  However, if we want to create compassionate corporate culture where top performance can emerge, we need to consider, is love and compassion easy or hard, a weakness or a strength?

When a leader does something nice for an another person, like helping out on a project or providing the right resources this is doing. The leader might also provide information and advice on how the person might approach a task.

However, holding a safe space for the employee, during times of challenges and difficulties is very different. When a leader can step away from judgement and simply be there for the employee this can be described as being.Over time it can greatly enhance relationships especially when there is a failure. It is an intentional choice to show up in this way. The leader consciously chooses to hold a safe space for the employee to process, reflect and consider what has happened and what the next steps might be.

It takes courage to make this vulnerable choice to display love and compassion in the mist of failure.  It is not a weakness but an intentional choice to take the road less traveled.

In this weeks video we have a brief discussion about strength or weakness and how we perceive these concepts in the workplace.