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Love and The Compassionate Culture- How Kindness Plays a Role Part II

In this next discussion we explore how errors and mistakes at work impact our personal well-being and those we lead. Many companies understand and state that errors are a part of growing and learning and that it is ok when an error occurs. But, is it really ok.

Forgiving Myself and Others

Often corporate cultures will have very good intentions and logically understand the human condition and all of it’s intelligence and it’s flaws. They will state that errors are part of innovation and growth and that is ok when an error occurs. We believe these statements come from a well meaning place. However, the reality is often different than the intention.  People in a quiet and subtle way are made to feel bad when an error occurs. They are required to taketh mistake apart, examine it in detail, and relive the short falls. There is a long standing belief that we need to examine in great detail an error in order to ensure that it never happens again. However, there is no evidence to support this logic. We would suggest this is very flawed.

When an error occurs the person has usually already relived it over and over again and doesn’t need the manager to remind them. What they need is kindness and support in moving forward with positive energy.

No Sweeping Under the Rug

This does not mean that errors are ignored or swept under the carpet.  What it means is that the leader can explore in a compassionate way how the person is feeling and what they have already processed.  Leave the responsibility where it belongs and allow the employee to process in their own unique way. Make it safe for them to talk about it and to build a plan for recovery from a positive perspective.