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Attention Regulation and Leadership Development

Where we put our attention is very important when it comes to managing our emotions effectively.  When something happens outside our control, that we do not like, we often will make up a story about that situation or person. Where we put our attention will impact the emotions that are created. Those emotions can then affect our physiology.

Our ego can easily take the drivers sit, steering us right into uncomfortable feelings and emotions. We suggest that leaders begin to become the observer of their thoughts and where they put their attention and the resulting emotions. Once they do this they can ask themselves some important questions to assist in determining if where they are putting their attention is appropriate or helpful.

Some of those questions are:

  • Do I know for sure it is true?
  • Is what I am putting my attention on make me feel good?
  • Is what I am putting my attention on moving me in the direction I want to go?

If the answer is no, no and no then we can choose to redirect our attention. In some cases we can apply positive regard and in others we can simply work towards neutral.