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Our Pot of Soup

Understanding the complexity of human behaviour is at the forefront of leadership development. Our willingness to explore new areas of science relating to positive psychology, heart/brain communication, and the autonomic nervous system are important components in understanding what makes us tick.

One of the analogies we use is a  Pot of Soup. We are born with some basic attributes (ingredients) such as a tendency towards introversion or extroversion, however than life happens.  Prior to the full development of our brains we are exposed to well-meaning and loving parents, grand-parents, teachers, coaches and clergy. All of these individual influences have a significant impact on how we see the world.


In this next series of videos we explore the complexities of being human. We explore the opportunities each of us have to improve our understanding, empathy, compassion and profound awareness of what makes us who we are. Concepts will be linked to critical leadership skills and how performance is improved as we build understanding and practice new skills.

As Michael explores these complex topics it is valuable to remember that we never want anyone else to fully know what is in our Pot of Soup nor would we want to know all of another person’s ingredients. It is the high level, ten thousand foot view, that informs in order to build deeper compassion and care in our organizations. Exactly what we need to create a true community with the competitive advantage we seek. “The Secret Sauce of Our Corporate Culture”.