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The Reticular Activating System

In this weeks video Michael discusses some of the challenges we face when looking to build healthy relationships, especially those we perceive to be difficult.  What happens in our brain and why do we revisit past experiences relating to people and situations. Why is it so easy for us to access certain bits of information while creating new information is harder.

The brain is a complex set of neurotransmitters and cells that hold memory, experiences and emotions. We believe that knowledge is important and a basic understanding of the brain helps all of us  question our basic beliefs.  We can ask yourselves, “where does this belief come from…do I have all of the information…do I know for sure it is true?”   Observing the memories and stories we have about people, places and situations is important to understanding our biases.

We hope you have enjoyed this series and learned a little bit about how our brains perceive the world around us and how this impacts our leadership approach.  Next week we begin a new series.  We look forward t0 sharing with each of you our Accountability Model, with it’s tools and techniques.