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New Video Series- The Accountability Model

We are very excited to share with our community our Accountability Model and how it is used to enhance Leadership capabilities.  Even more importantly, when the tools are consistently used we see corporate cultures transform into intentional, meaningful communities driven by values and purpose underpinned by a culture of coaching for choice.

Understanding what it is to be human allows us to question all of our old beliefs about performance and performance management. The title Performance Management implies the managing of other peoples performance. In this series we will challenge our basic understanding of why so many traditional approaches to management and leadership simply don’t work.  Some of those areas might be:

  • Be clear about expectations
  • Hold people accountable
  • Manage performance
  • Give feedback continuously (every day)
  • Never let them see you sweat.  (my personal favourite)

This series will unpack the Accountability Model and its impact on how to create cultures where individual contributors thrive.  How we use the model and its tools and techniques to create environments where individual choice, intention and attention matter.  Assisting employees make clear and defined choice for themselves is critical in increasing performance. Our definition of   Accountability = “The Ability to Account for Oneself”