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Accountability Model – Acceptance

Our ability to accept situations and people just as they are is sometimes a difficult concept for corporate leaders. Leaders are often encouraged to challenge everything and to continuously improve and to push the envelope. This includes their people’s performance.  When it comes to leading people there is an appropriate time to simply accept a person for exactly where they are at. To meet them in their situation and energy.  When we create acceptance within ourselves we will begin to let go of the idea that we need to change other people. We let go of the concept that we actually can change the behaviour of another person.

If we want to create a culture of accountability we have to create an environment where others can and do take responsibility for their own actions and results.  The leader cannot hold onto this responsibility and then expect the other person to take accountability. It seems counter intuitive but when you think about it, it does make sense.  We have to actually allow others to lead themselves to high performance instead of trying to force it.

Acceptance does not mean agreement but what it does allow for is a neutral place for discussion, support and exploration.